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OAR Continues to Advocate for Non-medical Switching Reform

posted: August 3, 2020

House Bill 418 provides increased patient protections by placing restrictions on insurers and pharmacy benefit managers by prohibiting removal of a drug from a formulary or increasing cost-sharing and tier switches for a drug during a plan year. Prior to the onset of the pandemic, HB418 had three hearings in the House Health Committee. The bill is now awaiting its fourth and final hearing before being sent to the House floor for a full vote. OAR is hopeful that non-medical switching reform will progress further through the legislative process in the fall. To that end, we are looking to hear from providers and patients who have been impacted by non-medical switching practices to share their experiences. Your testimony will bring greater awareness to the negative impact forced medication switches have on patients.

Please contact to share your non-medical switching stories and help us in this effort.