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Ohio’s District 46 Representative Michael Sheehy visits Arthritis Associates of Northwest Ohio in Toledo

posted: May 1, 2015

Ohio’s District 46 Representative, Michael Sheehy (center) with OAR Board Member, Dr. Edward Goldberger (left) at May 2015 in-house practice visit.

In May, Ohio State Representative Michael Sheehy visited Arthritis Associates of Northwest Ohio in Toledo. The practice is run by Dr. Edward Goldberger, who is also a board member for the Ohio Association of Rheumatology.

Dr. Goldberger and his staff were able to meet with Rep. Sheehy and discuss concerns about patient access to effective treatments, the burden that physicians and their staff have when advocating for access to treatment, and the impact of potential changes in the Medicaid budget.

Rep. Sheehy was very open to hearing the concerns of rheumatologists and the meeting was productive. The meeting also adds to the growing efforts to help support patient and physician issues in Ohio including education and activity around prior authorization, non-medical switching, limiting step therapy, and controlling out-of-pocket drug costs for patients.