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Rheumatology and the Pandemic

posted: August 3, 2020

The public health emergency triggered by the Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges to our nation’s health care system, and rheumatologists have faced rapidly changing guidance and directives from all levels of government. In helping to aid membership, OAR created a Covid-19 resource webpage with information on the public health emergency as it was emerging. Additionally, OAR shared information with membership provided by the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) and the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) offering guidance. Our organization is committed to working with health officials, legislators, and coalition partners to achieve the best possible outcomes in patient care throughout the pandemic.

Indeed, the pandemic has pointed to the need to reduce unnecessary barriers to care and revealed the dramatic and negative effect of utilization management on the health of patients. Patients are facing longer waits for their treatments, as healthcare providers who are experiencing dramatic changes in their operations due to Covid-19 are struggling to navigate the hurdles of utilization management practices such as non-medical switching.

While OAR’s 2020 non-medical switching reform legislation is progressing through the OH legislature, more work needs to be done to make positive change. Members are urged to partake in our virtual advocacy activities in the coming months. Please contact to organize a time to meet virtually with your legislators or for more information.