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Non-Medical Switching Reform Legislation Given House Health Committee Consideration

posted: March 23, 2020

Ohio House Bill 418 was Introduced in the Ohio Legislature by Joint Sponsors Representatives Carruthers (R-51) and Clites (D-75) in November. The bill protects patients by prohibiting medication switches during a plan year. Further, the bill places restrictions during the duration of a plan year on health plans by prohibiting patients’ cost-sharing from being raised or moving drugs to a more restrictive tier.

Three hearings on the bill have taken place since late January. OAR President Dr. Stephanie Ott provided in-person testimony before the House Health Committee on January 28, 2020, explaining the effects and consequences of patients being abruptly forced off of their treatments.

Ohio is joined by thirteen (13) other state legislatures that have pending legislation to address non-medical switching.

House Bill 418 would allow Ohioans to have access to the medications that they are currently stable on. View more information and details on the non-medical switching reform legislation below.

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