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OAR Takes the Lead on Reforming Non-Medical Switching

posted: December 2, 2019

OAR is pleased to announce that House Bill 418 was Introduced in the Ohio Legislature by Joint Sponsors Representatives Carruthers (R) and Clites (D) in November. OAR looks forward to leading the effort to protect Ohioans from forced switches. The bill is expected to head to the House Health Committee in the coming weeks. An education campaign is underway, and we will be focusing on making contact with legislators and their staff and setting up meetings. OAR looks forward to serving as a resource for lawmakers as the bill progresses through the legislative process.

House Bill 418 would prohibit a health plan issuer from removing a prescription drug from its formulary (with few exceptions); prohibit increases in beneficiaries’ cost-sharing; and prohibit moving drugs to a more restrictive tier during the duration of a plan year. Similar switching protections for beneficiaries covered through the Medicaid program are also included in the bill.

House Bill 418

While several House members are supporting the bill through co-sponsorship, OAR encourages you to send a message to your legislators through our Action Center asking for support for HB 418.

Visit the Action Center

OAR is looking for patients and providers who have been impacted by non-medical switching practices to share their experiences. Please contact or (847) 264-5930 for more information on how to share your stories and to help bring perspective to why reforms are necessary.