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Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Transparency Increases in Ohio

posted: September 4, 2019

The practice of “clawbacks” and gag restrictions has been witnessed in every state and has resulted in over a dozen lawsuits across the country despite recent, enacted federal law. PBMs are forcing pharmacies to charge customers more than the pharmacy’s cash price for a drug and then “clawback” the money that the patient was overcharged. PBMs have also been forcing pharmacists to remain silent when it comes to the financial details and options for the patient in the course of obtaining their medications from the pharmacy.

A bill to address these unfair PBM practices was introduced early this year, House Bill 63. OAR advocated in April for the passage of the bill during the Advocacy Day and followed up by writing letters to legislators urging its passage. As the legislative session progressed, the language of the bill was added into the budget package which ultimately passed in July. OAR is pleased that patients will be protected from paying over-inflated costs for their prescription medications at pharmacy point-of-sale transactions. The law will take effect in October.