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Are You Experiencing Problems with Ohio’s Prior Authorization Law?

posted: May 29, 2018

The OAR has taken notice that some insurers in Ohio may not be abiding by the response timeline outlined in state statute. We are asking for providers to work with their office administrators who handle prior authorization requests and start recording if insurers are responding within the time allotted under the new law.

Currently, prior authorization requests submitted must have a response within 48 hours for an urgent care service and 10 days for a non urgent care service. If insurers are not following the new law then OAR would like to hear about it.

Email Kevin Daley at with any recorded examples of Ohio insurers failing to abide by current state law.

In response, the OAR will be drafting a letter to the State Insurance Commissioner urging that the office notify Ohio insurers that they should be abiding by the new timelines in the law. Also, the OAR staff will be creating a mechanism that physicians can use to remind insurers of their obligation to respond by the time stated in law.