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State Update: OAR Joins ATAP

posted: February 6, 2018

In an effort to combat increasing drug costs, OAR recently joined the Alliance for Transparent & Affordable Prescriptions (ATAP). ATAP is a coalition of patient provider groups concerned about the practices of PBMs driving up drug costs. Driven by the reality that many patients struggle to afford their medications, ATAP aims to advocate for patients, shine light on the practices of PBMs, and lower drug costs for all Americans.

“Research within the field of rheumatology continues to expand the knowledge of and options for treatment,” said Dr. Stephanie Ott, OAR President. “Unfortunately, economics and hidden forces affecting the market around the cost of our treatments puts these out of the reach of many of our patients,” she continued. “PBM or insurance company profits should never come before patient care or interfere with the treatment decisions of physicians,” Dr. Ott added. “OAR strongly believes in defending our patients and our profession against these types of practices and is excited to support ATAP in these crucial efforts.”

ATAP was formed to bring attention to the practices of PBMs that are contrary to the best interests of patients. The coalition works to support policy solutions at both the state and federal level that lower prescription drug costs and give decision making power back to physicians and patients. OAR is excited to be a part of this new coalition and work to increase patient access to medication.