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State Update: OAR's Legislative Initiatives

posted: April 1, 2016

The Ohio legislature has seen little activity for the beginning of the 2016 legislative season thus far. Moving forward, April and May could prove to be vital months for current legislation OAR has targeted.

In the midst of the successful implementation of similar step therapy bills in Indiana and West Virginia this spring, advocates are optimistic that Ohio could be the next state to enact legislation that would protect patients from the harmful impacts of the current step therapy policies.

Even though OAR’s legislative initiatives have experienced little movement since the last update, all are in prime position to be considered this session.

Below is the current status of OAR’s legislative initiatives:

SB 243 — Step Therapy

Senate Bill 243 was assigned to the Senate Medicaid Committee back in December and HB 443 has been assigned to the House Insurance Committee, where both will remain until called for consideration.

SB 129 — Prior Authorization

Was unanimously passed by the Senate in December and has been assigned to the House Insurance Committee where it will await consideration.

SB 135 — Cap the Copay

Currently sits in the Senate Insurance Committee where it was assigned for consideration in April 2015.

OAR legislative staff will monitor the bill’s progression and provide updates and calls to action as necessary.