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Step Therapy Legislation Continues to Stall in Committee

posted: May 29, 2018

A bill to provide an exceptions process for patients dealing with step therapy has continued to struggle moving forward through the legislative process in the Ohio Statehouse. House Bill 72 and Senate Bill 56 were introduced in February last year and have had several hearings allowing testimony, but has yet to allow a committee to vote up or down, despite having over 50 Ohio patient and provider associations in support.

The legislation did receive a small win prior to the committee hearing in April on HB 72, as the Ohio Legislative Services Commission issued a written determination that HB 72 is not a mandate. This was an important determination that helped relieve some of the concerns legislators and opposition have voiced.

How Can You Help?

The coalition for step therapy reform in Ohio, along with OAR, is urging lawmakers to take a committee vote during the next hearing. To help with this engagement, the OAR is requesting members to call the committee chairs in both the House and Senate to tell them to call HB 72 and SB 56 for a vote.

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