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Step Therapy Legislation Struggles To Move Forward

posted: September 26, 2018

Legislation aiming to better protect patients from step therapy has continued to stall in the Ohio legislature. House Bill 72 and Senate Bill 56 were introduced in February but both have yet to be voted on in their respective committees. Over 50 patient and provider associations have expressed support of the bills.

The House Committee Chair has disclosed some concerns about the second fiscal note in House Bill 56, which indicated that the long-term costs are uncertain or negligible. The Chair has reached out to the Medicaid office to receive a cost estimate of the bill. The next hearing of the bill is scheduled for November 13, 2018.

How Can You Help?

The Coalition for Step Therapy Reform is holding a Step Therapy Awareness Day on November 13, 2018, which is the next hearing of House Bill 56. The coalition is reaching out to physicians in its member associations to see if they would be willing to host legislators in their offices. If you are interested in inviting a state legislator to visit your office within the next few months, please contact Chelsea Jerominski at